Nat Martin Commission Info

Commission requests should be emailed to [email protected], or DM-ed through my social media (linked below)Commissions are currently OPEN.


All prices are in USD.
Payment is through PayPal or Venmo, and will be charged after a sketch is finalized.


Additional characters +50% of base price
Backgrounds + 50% of base price

ENVIRONMENT (background only)
LINED: $80 - $120
COLOR: $120 - $160
Pricing for environment drawings depends on complexity. For more complex drawings, I might charge more than is listed here. Just message me if you have any questions and we can figure something out!


Specific examples coming soon, but for now you can go to my social media (linked on the previous page) or my portfolio


  • Payment should be made through Paypal/Venmo, and will be charged after the sketch is finalized.

  • Payment will not be refunded after a significant amount of work has been done on the commission, or if it's been completed. A half-refund will be available if only the sketch has been completed.

  • If possible, please provide references! This makes drawing much easier!

  • I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason (for example, if I don't feel comfortable drawing your request)

  • I am okay drawing mild NSFW/furry art

  • You are not allowed to use commissioned art for NFTs, or commercial purposes.

  • I retain copyright for the art I make, and may ask permission to display it in my portfolio - please do not claim that the art has been made by anyone other than me.